Pinnacle Care Provision

Pinnacle Care Provisions provide Supported Accommodation for 16+ occupants. We provide our residents a safe secure nurturing placement in a comfortable environment, whilst supporting them to achieve realistic outcomes. We specialize in High Risk YP’s, C.C.E, C.S.E, Gang Exit Strategies, disassociation from Criminal lifestyles whilst providing positive alternatives to negative lifestyles.

Our residents are supported & encouraged to thrive and achieve goals, objectives & aspirations in spite of the many obstacles they may face. All YP are taught life-skills which will empower them in becoming fully independent prior to reaching adulthood. Each resident will receive guidance to acquire fully independent living premises. They will also receive ongoing support when they become re-homed regardless of the borough they will be residing in. Our Youngsters are Our Future Leaders and we will inspire them to achieve this.


 Pinnacle Care Provision - Early Intervention

Young People

 Early Intervention