Pinnacle Care Provision

Pinnacle Care Provisions provide Supported Accommodation for 16+ occupants. We provide our residents a safe secure nurturing placement in a comfortable environment, whilst supporting them to achieve realistic outcomes. We specialize in High Risk YP’s, C.C.E, C.S.E, Gang Exit Strategies, disassociation from Criminal lifestyles whilst providing positive alternatives to negative lifestyles.

Our residents are supported & encouraged to thrive and achieve goals, objectives & aspirations in spite of the many obstacles they may face. All YP are taught life-skills which will empower them in becoming fully independent prior to reaching adulthood. Each resident will receive guidance to acquire fully independent living premises. They will also receive ongoing support when they become re-homed regardless of the borough they will be residing in. Our Youngsters are Our Future Leaders and we will inspire them to achieve this.


Young People
Pinnacle work in partnership with Foster Carers and young people and successfully equip young people with the necessary tools to transition on from a foster placement into their own living environment.


Breaking Cycles
Our experienced teams are on hand to work with children, families and young people in stabilising disruptive behaviours and maintaining families within the home environment.


Supported housing and community support for people who have experienced or are at risk of


Mental Health
A range of services providing housing and support for people with a diagnosed mental health need.


Gang Affiliation
Pinnacle work in partnership with Foster Carers and young people and successfully equip young people with the necessary tools to transition on from a foster placement into their own living environment.


Respite Service
Pinnacle are able to provide a range of respite placements, along with additional support packages to children, young people, and families tailored to meet their individual needs.


Eductation Support
Pinnacle work in partnership with further and higher education providers and training organisations to ensure our young people receive information, advice and guidance which enables them to enrol on courses and training opportunities which meet their needs, skills and aspirations.


Independent Living
Pinnacle are able to provide solo placement accommodation within the private rental sector to young people equipped to cope with the demands of independent living. Our packages can be tailored to each individuals needs and are adaptable as their needs change.

Mentoring Provision

During our mentoring programmes we have found many of youth have greater underlying issues including post-traumatic stress, mental health issues as well as learning difficulties. Our experiences include ensuring that following assessment and diagnosis carried out in conjunction with educational psychologists, school teachers and social workers that appropriate Educational Care Plans are put in place that take account of such unique needs and that individuals are treated in a bespoke manner in order to maximise both their development and integration.

As part of our roles as Special Educational Needs tutors, a key aspect has been identifying individual needs, strengths and weaknesses and then creating a stimulating and supportive learning environment for children in LAC care and refugee children to develop and flourish. We are required to constantly manage challenging behaviours and adapt activity, workshops or learning packages to meet the needs of groups or individuals. It is noteworthy that we are often the first point of contact for Emergency intervention and refugee Children students from war torn countries, and as such we are often required to provide input and analysis to other agencies engaged to work with this group including but not limited to virtual schools, social services, health workers and carers.

At PCP an essential aspect of project delivery and management has been to support a process of change or to contribute a strategic plan which is aiming for the impact of service provision to make a lasting
difference. Sustaining change within the context of having a positive influence on People’s attitudes,
behaviour and philosophy can only truly work when people work together and jointly manage the process with realistic targets.